Thursday, March 18, 2010

You vs. Skinny Jeans

6AM ... this seems to be turning into a trend for me! LOL But this day light savings time is really kicking my butt!!! But I'm loving the extra daytime in the evenings so I shouldn't complain...

Anyways.... back to the topic at hand ... A few weeks ago in BabyWeight Basics class I had a mom say she thinks that she'll never have abs again and that they were lost FOREVER!!! Although she was exaggerating I know the feeling, and I'm sure we're not alone.

Once the belly goes down and your back at your pre-baby weight you're all pumped to put on those "skinny jeans" so you pull them out of the closet, shake the dust off of them and start to slip them on .... And (if you're anything like me) all of a sudden you're stuck, WHAT??!?! They won't go up!?! They won't get past those hips and booty!! So like all rational women, you think "they must have shrunk a little from the last time I washed them! Ugh why did I put them in the dryer?!?" Soooo ... you start to fight your jeans, a battle that even if you win will leave you exhausted and defeated, you grab on tight and start to pull up as you wiggle back and forth (a dance I know all too well), when that doesn't work on to the next strategy, you jump up and down as you pull those jeans up, slowly but surely they start slipping up, we're almost there.... just a few more inches and victory will be yours!!! Ahhh yes now the jeans are up the thighs and your booty is squeezed in nice and secure, now to concur ... THE ZIPPER! you suck in your stomach until your intestines are flattened, hold your breath and pull up on that zipper, your fingers start to turn white from the pressure, you start to turn blue (from holding your breath) and that zipper doesn't budge, most people would give up by now, but not you!!! You went through child birth!! If you could do that then you can do ANYTHING!! All you need is a new plan of attack, you lie down on your back, gravity will help smush that stomach down, and you squeeze together at the top of the jeans, if you could only get the button buttoned then the zipper will be a breeze. Your sooo close only centimeters away, one ... more ... pull.... AND you did it! Button done! Now you pull on that zipper and up it goes!! YAY!! WOOHOO!! YOU: 1 JEANS: 0 you did it! Your skinny jeans fit again! So excited and on a high you rush to the mirror to check yourself out..... And the score suddenly changes, sure the jeans fit and everything is more or less squeezed in the jeans but you can't be seen in PUBLIC like this!!! So defeated and emotionally scarred you start to take the jeans off (which surprisingly is almost as hard coming off as putting on!!) Like I said before, exhausted and defeated, you fold your jeans back up and put them in the closet to collect dust. YOU: 0 JEANS: 1

Now you're confused and angry and this is when the thought of "I lost my body forever! It will never be the same!!" comes in your mind. But this doesn’t have to be the end of the story, sure you lost battle 1 with the jeans but you could still win the war! So many changes happen in your body to make pregnancy and labor possible that you can't expect your body to change back overnight once the baby is out! These changes in essence change the structure and alignment of our bodies. We have to re-learn how to carry ourselves, where our bodies are in space and slowly (if you keep up the exercise and eating right) everything will fall back into place, or should I say tighten back up into place.

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  1. Loved this post! I can actually visualize myself doing this, wait I did do this not too long ago...I HATE THIS FEELING! I love your classes and it really hit me when I couldn't go for a week. They keep me feeling in shape and happy I can enjoy something for myself in the company of my baby.
    Jenny J.