Friday, March 26, 2010

Running Through Puddles!

Woke up this morning and it was pouring rain.... I wanted to roll over and keep sleeping, I love sleeping in the rain! Today is one of those rainy days that you just want to curl up into a ball and watch TV and eat chips or ice cream all day!!!

I can't remember the last time I was able to do that, it seems like a million years ago and another life time. But in reality it was less than three years ago, people were always telling me "when you have kids your life is going to change forever" or "enjoy that now because when you have kids, forget about it!" And yes when I had kids my life did change but not in the drastic or dramatic way that people made it out to be. I feel like having kids in a way gives you an excuse to be a kid again. Like today for example, I wake up and see the rain and am moaning and groaning about the puddles and how gross the humidity is, blah blah blah! I leave my house with the kids and carefully step around each puddle, walking on my toes because God forbid my feet get wet or I get some mud on me. Then went to Baby Joggers (awesome 3 miles today by the way!!!) and zigzag around every puddle I see. But what does CJ do when I pick him up from school???? Runs out with a huge smile on his face and yells to me "Mami esta lloviendo!! (Mom it's raining!!!) Immediately finds the first puddle and jumps in it, cracking up and runs to the next one, and next one and next one. Initially I'm getting all worked up thinking he's going to get sooo dirty and wet and then the car is going to be a mess and I’m going to have to bathe him and wash all that clothes and put the shoes out to dry and he's going to get me all dirty and ...... but he's laughing sooo hard that I can't stay upset! So what do I do? Put Ellie in the car and start running through puddles with him! What a blast!!! Yeah I had a huge mess to clean once we got home, but it was worth it!!! Having kids has taught to loosen up and how to have fun in the simple things and make the best out of what you get! Kids have a way of getting over things so quickly; yeah CJ might be upset because he can’t play in the bounce house today but running through some puddles more than made up for it!

Every once in a while when life's just getting to be too much I definitely recommend a quick sprint through some puddles! LOL I can just imagine how much more fun, and what a great workout we would have gotten, if we would have raced through the puddles stomping down as hard as we could! LOL

Well I’m off to watch my sister kick some butt in her football game!! Until next time… love yourself and your babies!!!